The Division of Police and Consent Decree process need your feedback on proposed new policies for officers on interacting with individuals experiencing behavioral health crises. 

The Department of Justice’s 2014 investigation indicated that “officers use excessive force against individuals who are in mental health crisis” – in part because the Division’s “crisis intervention policies and practices [we]re underdeveloped.”  The Consent Decree includes a host of requirements aimed at “build[ing] upon and improv[ing]” the Division of Police's crisis intervention programs.  In particular, the Decree envisions that the Division’s Crisis Intervention Program provide a forum for effective problem solving regarding the interaction between the criminal justice and the mental health care system, as well as creating a context for sustainable change.

In true partnership and close collaboration with the over-50-member Consent Decree-required Mental Health Response Advisory Committee – a group of community members representing social service providers, members of the judiciary, clinicians, behavioral health specialists, and individuals who have experienced behavioral crises – CPD has revised its policies related to interacting with individuals experiencing mental health, substance abuse, or other behavioral health challenges.

CPD, the City of Cleveland, the U.S. Department of Justice, the Mental Health Advisory Committee, and the Monitoring Team now seek community input and feedback on several of its Crisis Intervention-related policies:

  • Crisis Intervention Definitions – This policy sets forth basic definitions common to all CPD policies related to crisis intervention.
  • Crisis Intervention Response – This policy establishes guidelines for all CPD officers and personnel with respect to interacting with individuals who are suffering from a crisis.
  • Crisis Intervention Team Program – This policy establishes guidelines for CPD officers who are part of a designated cadre of officers who are crisis intervention specialists, receiving additional, in-depth training and being dispatched to the scene of calls when officers or dispatchers identify that it may involve an individual in crisis.

Get Involved

Attend a community forum

The Mental Health Response Advisory Committee will be hosting community forums on Tuesday, December 13, 2016 on the proposed new crisis intervention policies.

1:00pm: Murtis Taylor Community Center – 13422 Kinsman Road; Cleveland, OH  44120

6:00pm: Urban Community School – 4909 Lorain Avenue; Cleveland, OH  44102

Email the Monitoring Team

You can provide your comments, feedback, and input on the proposed new policies by contacting the Monitoring Team at