The City of Cleveland, Cleveland Division of Police, Cleveland Community Police Commission (“CPC”), United States Department of Justice, and the Court-appointed federal monitoring team are all asking for community feedback on the CPD’s proposed new plans on three separate but related areas: (1) community and problem-oriented policing (“CPOP”); (2) staffing, and (3) recruitment and hiring.

The Consent Decree between the United States and City of Cleveland requires, among other things, that the Cleveland Division of Police ("CPD"):

  • Community and Problem-Oriented Policing Plan: “[D]evelop and implement a comprehensive and integrated community and problem-oriented policing model in order to promote and strengthen partnerships within the community, engage constructively with the community to ensure collaborative problem-solving, and increase community confidence” (paragraph 27) (the “community and problem-oriented policing plan” or “CPOP”);

  • Staffing Plan: “[D]evelop an effective, comprehensive Staffing Plan that is consistent with its mission, including community and problem-oriented policing, and that will allow CDP” to comply with several specific requirements (paragraphs 319-321) (the “staffing plan”);

  • Recruitment: “[D]evelop a strategic recruitment plan that includes clear goals, objectives, and action steps for attracting qualified applicants from a broad cross-section of the community” (paragraph 302) (the “recruitment and hiring plan”).

Earlier in the reform process, the Division, City, and CPC convened a series of community forums and listening sessions on many of these issues. Subsequently, CPD set to work on creating plans in each of these areas consistent with the Consent Decree's requirements and the values of the community.

We have now come to the point where it is time for community feedback on each of these related plans. The Consent Decree stakeholders are all aiming to work together to solicit and receive input on these policies from the Cleveland community.

The policies are not yet final. Instead, they reflect CPD's efforts to date to create plans that comply with the Consent Decree. None of the Court, Monitor, City, or Department of Justice have yet signed off on or approved the policies. That will happen only after the community engagement process. Indeed, these policies are likely to change further as community feedback is directly incorporated and additional changes are made.

The development of the policies is far enough along, however, that community input is timely and necessary.

The City and Division, in partnership with Case Western Reserve University, have created an online survey for residents and community stakeholders to provide feedback on the plans.  The City, its District Policing Committees, and the Community Police Commission are all planning forums and events to discuss the plans.

The Plans

Community and Problem-Oriented Policing Plan

Staffing Plan



City of Cleveland Online Survey