Monitoring Team Releases Officer Focus Groups Report

In December 2017, the Monitoring Team conducted eight focus groups with 78 sworn CDP personnel (about 5% of sworn personnel). 

The Team worked with CDP to randomly select officers across all of CDP’s Districts and platoons.  The eight focus groups included 5 all patrol officer groups; 1 all white patrol officer group; 1 all non-white patrol officer group; and 1 all sergeant group.  The focus groups were structured around a set of open-ended questions developed by the Monitoring Team, including: (1) relationships and engagement with the community; (2) use of force; (3) discipline and accountability; (4) supervision and leadership; and (5) general experiences with the Consent Decree. 

As summarized in the Officer Focus Groups Report, the Monitoring Team found that “much work remains on transforming the Division into an organization that works both for officers and the community that they serve.”  Perhaps foremost among the Team’s observations was officers’ perception that a “lack of effective communication regarding CDP efforts to change its policies and processes, entrenched morale issues, and an adversarial relationship between line officers and the administration have tended to hamper the Division’s internal transformation.” 

The full report can be accessed here.