Motions Regarding CPD Equipment & Resource Plan and Body-Worn Camera Policy Submitted to the Court

The Monitoring Team has filed motions relating to (1) CPD's required Equipment & Resource Plan, and (2) the proposed policy on the use of body-worn cameras. Although the Equipment & Resource Plan does represent some commendable work and engagement on a number of important issues and sub-issues relating to the technology and infrastructure that CPD’s officers require, the Monitoring Team cannot approve the Plan its current form because it doers not yet specifically, strategically, and comprehensively provide CPD officers with the tools they need to do their jobs.  You can read the Monitoring Team's full filing to the court relating to the Equipment & Resource Plan here.

Meanwhile, the Monitoring Team approves of the Body-Worn Camera Policy, with the exception of three specific policy sections relating to the use of cameras in secondary employment, public access to captured video, and officer access to captured video.  You can read the Monitoring Team's filing to the court here.