On July 17, 2019, the Court overseeing the Consent Decree appointed Hassan Aden as Monitor of the Cleveland Police Monitoring Team. Former Monitor Matthew Barge will continue to serve a subject matter expert on the Team going forward.

What does this transition mean for the overall timing of the project?

Because Monitor Hassan Aden previously served as Deputy Monitor, we anticipate that the transition will be seamless – Monitoring Team members are continuing their work with the Parties and with the Court. There is no change or delay in the overall timing of the project.

Does this mean that the implementation of the Consent Decree is not going according to plan?

No. This transition is occurring due to personal and family commitments that are unrelated to this project.

What are the cost implications?

There will be no changes or additions to the cost of this project. The Monitoring Team, under Monitor Hassan Aden, will continue to work within its Court-approved budget to ensure that the City of Cleveland is able to meet the requirements of the Consent Decree and ensure that Cleveland residents receive police services that are constitutional and in line with community values.

If Matthew Barge will not be the monitor, why is he staying on the team?

Although Matthew Barge will not be the Monitor, he will continue to work with the Team in a more limited capacity, offering his subject matter expertise to the Parties and working with Monitor Hassan Aden to ensure continued progress.

Does this change signal a problem either with relationships with people in the city or among team members?

The change in leadership stemmed from changes in personal circumstances entirely unrelated to this project. The Monitoring Team continues to have a productive, professional relationship with the City of Cleveland, the Community Police Commission, the Department of Justice, and the many stakeholders and city residents who have been engaged throughout this process.

Did anyone have to approve this transition?

Yes. The Team consulted with, and ultimately received approval from, the Department of Justice, the City of Cleveland, and Judge Solomon Oliver, Jr., who is overseeing the implementation of the federal consent decree.

What is the remaining work for the Monitoring Team?

The change in leadership will have no impact on the Team’s remaining work. The Team remains committed to seeing the City of Cleveland meet its mandate to ensure constitutional policing for all city residents. As described in the Team’s latest semiannual report, the task for the City of Cleveland and Division of Police, now that major policies and plans have been approved on paper, is to ensure that the necessary organizational changes occur and are implemented in day-to-day practice. The Monitoring Team remains committed to working with the Parties to ensure that those changes occur and are in fact having a positive impact on the street, improving the safety of the Cleveland public and the officers of the Division of Police.