The Monitoring Team has recommended that the Court approve CPD's final revisions of its use of force policies.  You can review these new policies here.

This area of the website will be maintained to allow interested individuals to review the important aspects of the community engagement, feedback, and outreach effort that were conducted in conjunction with the policies.

Learn about CPD's proposed new use of force policy and share your feedback with CPD and the Consent Decree process.

Get Informed

To learn about the proposed, new use of force policy for the Cleveland Division of Police, you can:

  • Watch a brief video overview describing the new policy
  • Read a 1-page fact sheet describing key differences between CPD's old and new proposed policies
  • Read a more detailed, 4-page summary of new policy revisions

You can also read the policies in full here.  UPDATE, Oct. 4, 2016: These policies now include a Use of Force Reporting policy, which is also now ready for consideration and public comment.

Get Involved

You can provide feedback on the new policies, which are not yet finalized or approved, in one of two ways: